Patricia Rebello is a visual artist who lives and works in Piracicaba, state of SP.
Graduated in Advertising and Marketing at Faap ( Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado) and in Visual Communication – Illustration in Panamericana School of Arts, both in São Paulo.

For 15 years has worked exclusively as a graphic designer, but ever since 2007, a few years after moving from São Paulo to the countryside, has dedicated herself to visual arts.

Her research walks through painting, objects and drawings. She uses watercolour, Nanjing and cutouts. Her production reveals her interest in biology, the environment, fiction, collecting and memories. These matters nurse her work, that with a slight irony, muds the limits between art and science, as well as reality and fantasy. The artist creates hybrids between animal, plant, mineral and artificial world. Specimens from a possible post human future.


Patricia Rebello
1968, São Paulo – SP

Studied Social Communication at FAAP – Armando Álvares Penteado Foudation (1986 – 1989) and Visual Communication / Illustration at EPA – Pan American School of Art (1986 – 1988)

Study Group
Since 2014 with Sylvia Furegatti, Full Professor of the Graduate Program in Visual Arts (Unicamp) and visual artist
2012 with Luciana Camuzzo (Contexto Contemporâneo) – visual artist – Aragem studio in Piracicaba
2010 with Maíra Endo – visual artist – Ateliê Aberto in Campinas
2009 with Cecília Stellini –  AT/Al/609 – studio of artistic investigations in Campinas

Solo Exhibition
Caminho das Águas – Project Between Walls – SESC Piracicaba – SP
Através da Lente – Unimep Methodist University –  Piracicaba – SP

2017 – Acquisition Award City Hall of Piracicaba – 49° SAC
2017 – GARIMPO Contest – DAS Artes Art Magazine – ed. 67

Main Collective Exhibitions
Remetimentos_Outros – public notice of occupation of CAL Gallery (latin american culture house) – Nacional University of Brasília
MOLA – Latin American Art and Environmental Education show – Federal University of Rio Grande
Breves Narrativas de Sonho – curator: Mario Gioia – Casa da Luz – SP
Remetimentos – selected by public notice – 2020 Exhibition Project of Pinacoteca Municipal de Piracicaba
Art Londrina 8 / 2020 – Institute of Fine Arts Londrina State University
All are Guests – Exit Art Contemporain – Boulogne Billancourt – França
7º Rio das Artes – SESC Piracicaba
Arco Lisboa – Eduardo Fernandes Gallery – Lisboa – Portugal
2º Project Season MARP – Contemporary Art Museum of Ribeirão Preto – SP curator: Nilton Campos
Artistic residency of study group with Sylvia Furegatti in farm in the region of Ribeirão Preto – SP
Project Between Walls – Caminho das Águas – SESC Piracicaba
6º Rio das Artes – Exhibition: three in BA96 and workshop Merging collage, draw and pain”- SESC Piracicaba
Pictures of Nature – parallel exhibition of III Conference of Art and Nature, curator: Hugo Fortes – Espaço das Artes – USP – University of São Paulo USP
49º SAC – Contemporary Art Hall of Piracicaba – Piracicaba – SP
Poetic Crossings – curator: Sylvia Furegatti, City Museum, Glass House Gallery – Campinas – SP
No Cubo Branco – curator: Luciana Camuzzo – Pinacoteca Municipal Miguel Dutra – Piracicaba – SP
4º ed. Curto-Circuito approved by the public notice PROAC 15/2015 – Visual Art Expositions)
Five Times – Fernandes Naday Gallery – Campinas – SP
Naturantes – parallel exhibition of II Conference of Art and Nature, curator: Hugo Fortes – Paço das Artes – SP
VII Art Hall of São José do Rio Preto – SP
MC2 – Movimentos Convergentes 2 – Cultural Stacion – curator: Cecília Stelinni – Campinas – SP
Rio da Artes – SESC Piracicaba – SP
3º ed. Curto-Circuito –  Open studios in Piracicaba – SP
Exhibition at 4° Municipal Conference of Culture – curator: Luciana Camuzzo – Piracicaba – SP
2º ed. of Curto-Circuito – Piracicaba – SP
45º SAC de Piracicaba – Organizing Committee – Piracicaba – SP
22º Art Salon Curitibano – Curitiba – PR
“Artes e Ofícios para todos 1” – Lyceum of Arts and Crafts – São Paulo – SP
70º SAAP – Arararense Hall of Contemporary Art – Araras – SP
1º ed. Curto-Circuito – Piracicaba – SP
Artistic Occupation –  espaço AT/AL/609 – curator: Cecília Stelinni – Campinas – SP