Water Path – Individual Project “Between Walls” – SESC Piracicaba – SP, 2017.

Excerpts from a letter from 1881, a map from 1886 and an old image of a riverbank carrying a huge fish, leads us to imagine Piracicaba and its river, at that time, abundant in fish and with such clean waters where it was even possible to wash clothes.

Patricia turns her attention to a theme so special to the city, the Piracicaba River, approaching her artistic research that explores the relationship between art / science and reality / fantasy. On the wall behind the snack bar, Patricia traces the course of the Piracicaba river. On the bank below the river, the collage shows the suffering and death of several animals. Mainly marine animals, as a result of the lack of management of waste of consumer goods. Already at the top, the artist creates hybrid beings using images of the flora and fauna of the region. These fantastic mutant beings demonstrate a desire for nature to adapt, and perhaps thousands of years later new specimens may arise in the midst of so many adversities.

It is a questioning about the contemporary lifestyle and its consequences. Excess consumption and disposal of all the garbage we produce, the use of transgenic seeds and their risks such as: genetic pollution, loss of biodiversity and other more, still unknown to health and the environment.

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