Breasaliana Collection

MARP – Contemporary Art Museum of Ribeirão Preto – SP – 2018
Curator: Nilton Campos
Link to Breasaliana Collection Catalog

As an immersion in a naturalistic expedition in a new world, where new specimens are collected and cataloged, the Breasaliana Collection appears.

This collection is born from visits to the island of Breasal. Mysterious island of Celtic mythology, which appears on maps from the 14th to the 17th century, southwest of Ireland. Legend has it that the island was covered in mists and would be visible in just one day every seven years.The reports of the naturalist travelers and their expeditions are fascinating and have inspired the artist to embark on this imaginary and create this project. Patricia is interested in issues related to the environment and the layers of estrangement, contradictions and similarities between what is real and fictitious. It creates specimens of a post-human world. Hybrids between the animal world, vegetal, mineral and artificial.

The Breasaliana Collection is made up of specimens of a chimerical future, as if they had been located on a legendary island, which does not exist, but which on the other hand, for a few hundred years, was on the old maps, perhaps a post-truth.

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