Poetic Crossings

City Museum, Glass House Gallery - Campinas – SP About Resilience Series, 2017 Patricia Rebello explores in her work the creation of fake specimens, beings elaborated with extreme insight, gifted with the probability of becoming figures that arises from the visual suggestions brought by the daily mass communication. With great creativity and technical ability, the artist combines Drawing, Collage and Watercolour on paper and elaborates series, some scientific, of hybrids that transit through known and unknown. On these works of art, she focuses her attention on Nature´s capacity of renewing itself and presents us images that invite us to a more attentive and detailed look……

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DAS Artes Art Magazine – ed. 67

Elisa Maia Selected by DASartes art magazine, among the finalists of the Garimpo 2017 contest, the artist has a singular method of creating seductive poetry images using a mixture of artistic techniques and scientific record. With collages, overlay images, Nanjing drawings and Watercolour paintings, Patricia rearranges collected elements from the already saturated Fauna and Flora images collection, proposing unused associations. The result is a very singular repertoire of odd beings that inhabit the borderless territory between the animal, plant organic and inorganic world. “I create specimens form a post human future. Hybrids between the animal, plant, mineral and artificial world (as disposed objects by the…

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Unfolding, Flourishing and Rejuvenation in the work of Patricia Rebello

For a long time, the connection between Art and Nature has been an important part of the processes of artistic creation. It allows us to understand about the ways in which these fields of knowledge operate a kind of harmony that can well be understood from the idea of mirroring. As the play of images and lights yielded by interlaced mirrors, the plurality of elements available to Art and Nature to make themselves visible and therefore recognized; present and therefore necessary to some extent; survivors, since they must diverge only in the exact dose of their present time, making us understand the prospects of this…

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